​​Advanced light microscopy R&D areas:

  • Research on novel approaches in advanced light microscopy, especially holographic and two‑photon microscopy.
  • Theoretical study and numerical simulation of coherence effects in holographic microscopy, imaging in turbid media and axial localization based on coherence gating.
  • Development of advanced image-processing methods for holographic reconstruction, quantitative phase imaging (QPI), as well as pattern and process recognition and/or classification.

Applications in cell biology, cancer and neuroscience research:

  • Identification and classification of behavioural patterns in live cancer cells including biopsy-derived carcinoma cells using coherence-controlled holographic microscopy (CCHM).
  • Development of a strategy for personalized cancer treatment based on live-cell dry-mass profiling.
  • Investigation of cellular and molecular aspects of the hemodynamic response of the brain.

Applications in nanotechnology:

  • Novel methods of plasmonic phenomena observation in nanostructures with CCHM.



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