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Q - Phase multimodal holographic microscope

Multimodal holographic microscope (MHM) uses incoherent holography, which enables to acquire quantitative phase images with high lateral resolution comparable with conventional widefield microscopes.

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Nikon Confocal system A1R

Confocal scanning mode, bright field, reflection interference contrast (RICM), differential interference contrast (DIC) and epi-fluorescence available.

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Femto2D-Galvo Two-Photon

The Femto2D-Galvo from Femtonics is a galvanometric scanner based two-photon microscope.

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Nikon Eclipse TS100- F LED

Inverted phase microscope.

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Nikon Eclipse L150

Reflected-light mode microscope with the possibilities of brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast (Nomarski DIC), qualitative polarizing observations and epi-fluorescence.

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Cell culture laboratory

The environment for the cell sample preparation.

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