prof. RNDr. Radim Chmelík, Ph.D.   

Research Group Leader

Research focus: Advanced light microscopy, holographic microscopy, coherence gating, imaging in turbid

media,  theoretical description of imaging process including 3D imaging.

MUDr. Pavel Veselý,  CSc .  

Deputy  Group Leader

Research focus: Advanced light microscopy of living or fixed cells, cancer cell biology, quantitative phase imaging.

Ing. Daniel Zicha, CSc.  

Core Facility Leader

Research focus: Digital holographic microscopy, quantitative phase imaging, cancer cell biology, dry-mass profiling.

prof. Alan Boyde, Ph.D.  

Honorary Professor

Research focus: Dental and skeletal hard tissue development, structure, function, disease and treatment.

prof. RNDr. Jiří Komrska, CSc.

Senior Researcher

Research focus: Fourier optics, applied optics, diffraction. 

prof. RNDr. Jiří Petráček, Dr.  

Senior Researcher

Research focus: Simulation and modelling of photonic waveguide structures, nonlinear optics.


Ing. Martin Antoš, Ph.D.  

Junior Researcher

Research focus: Optical and mechanical design.

Mgr. Jakub Bělín, Ph.D.

Junior Researcher

Research focus: Transformation optics, physical optics, geometrical optics, beam propagation, diffraction theory

Ing. Petr Bouchal, Ph.D.

Junior Researcher

Research focus: Microscopy aided by spatial light modulation and special states of light, incoherent holography and correlation imaging.

Ing. Zbyněk Dostál, Ph.D.  

Junior Researcher

Research focus: Optical and mechanical design, automation and robotics.

Mgr. Věra Kollárová, Ph.D.  

Junior Researcher

Research focus: Coherence-controlled holographic microscopy, quantitative phase imaging, imaging through turbid media.

Ing. Pavel Kolman, Ph.D.

Junior Researcher

Research focus: Optical and mechanical design.

Ing. Aneta Křížová, Ph.D.

Junior Researcher (maternity leave)

Research focus: Quantitative phase imaging, digital holographic microscopy, live cell biology, image processing

Ing. Lenka Štrbková, Ph.D.

Junior Researcher

Research focus: Quantitative phase imaging, digital holographic microscopy, image processing, machine learning.

Ing. Hana Uhlířová, Ph.D.

Junior Researcher

Research focus: Fluorescence and multi-photon microscopy, brain imaging, neurovascular coupling,
brain metabolism.


Allwin Alex, MSc

Topic of PhD thesis: Testing of potential antitumor effects using holographic incoherent Quantitative Phase Imaging (hiQPI)

Ing. Miroslav Ďuriš

Topic of PhD thesis: Coherence gated holographic microscopy

Ing. Tomáš Horák

Topic of PhD thesis: Incoherent holographic microscopy in individual treatment of cancer

Ing.  Michala Slabá

Topic of PhD thesis: 

​Ing. Matěj Špaček

Topic of PhD thesis: Development of robotic components for a Coherence Controlled Holographic Microscope

Mgr. Markéta Šuráňová

Topic of PhD thesis: Biophysical interpretation of quantitative phase image by means of coherence-controlled holographic microscopy

Mgr. Tereza Tučková

Topic of PhD thesis: In vivo application of holographic endoscopy

Technical and administrative support:

Mgr. Veronika Jůzová

Laboratory Technician

Mgr. Alena Vojkůvková

Administrative and Project Assistant


Ing. Lukáš Kvasnica, Ph.D.

Ing. Martin Lošťák, Ph.D.

Ing. Tomáš Slabý, Ph.D.

Ing. Matěj Týč, Ph.D.