Femto2D-Galvo Two-Photon

The Femto2D-Galvo from Femtonics is a galvanometric scanner based two-photon microscope.

Based on an upright microscope body, the Femto2D-Galvo incorporates galvanometric based motor driven mirrors that allow completely arbitrary positioning of the focal spot. 

With a depth resolution to 850 μm and lateral resolution up to 350 nm, the Femto2D-Galvo enables functional in vivo deep brain imaging at fast imaging speeds of up to 4 frames per second (fps) for 512 x 512 pixels with maximum volume scanning of 750 μm x 750 μm.

The detection is established by non-descanned ultra-high sensitivity GaAsP photomultipliers and Femtonics patented travelling detection system ensures the shortest possible optical path to allow enhanced photon collection and the highest signal-to-noise ratio.  The highly modular nature of the Femto2D-Galvo supports its extension with a host of upgrade option including piezo objective positioner, a liquid lens for scanning in 3D (trajectory, volume scanning), confocal unit and tilting objective etc.


  • In vivo deep tissue imaging down to 850 μm, 350 nm lateral resolution
  • 800 x 800 μm field of view (FOV) (with a 20x objective lens)
  • 2D scanning modes
  • Point and random access point with 200 μs/point
  • Free hand line and multiple lines 40 lines/5ms straight and curved lines
  • Frame with 4.1 fps at 512 x 512 pixels, 750 x 750 μm2  
  • Folded frame, multiple folded frame
  • Non-descanned, ultrasensitive GaAsP photomultiplier tubes (PMT) (>40% quantum efficiency)

Booking info: alena.vojkuvkova@ceitec.cz