Nikon Confocal system A1R

System: ECLIPSE Ti-E inverted confocal microscope

Observation techniques:

Confocal scanning mode 
Bright field 
Reflection interference contrast (RICM) 
Differential interference contrast (DIC) 
+ Perfect Focus System


PLAN APOCHROMAT VC 20X N.A. 0.75 (lateral resolution = 0.3 um, axial resolution = 1.8 um)
PLAN APOCHROMAT VC 60X WI N.A. 1.2 (lateral resolution = 0.18 um, axial resolution = 0.7 um)

Field of view:

635x635 um for 20X objective
205x205 um for 20X objective

Light sources:

Diode laser (640 nm)
Multiline argon laser (457/477/488/514 nm)
Halogen lamp

Fluorescent cubes: 



Galvo scanner 4 fps (512 x 512 pixel), 
Resonant scanner 30 fps (512 x 512 pixel) to 230 fps (512 x 64 pixel), 15 600 lines/sec (line speed)

Piezo stage:

maximal range 100 um
resolution 0.2 nm
maximal load 0,5 kg


standard fluorescence detector (400-750 nm) 
diascopic detector (450-650 nm) 
monochromatic camera ProgRes MF (1.4 MPix 2/3'' CCD, 1360x1024, 12bit, IR-cut-off)

Software: NIS-Elements C, V4.10

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