Data management

User data are typically in the form of time-lapse sequences, which need to be initially saved locally to avoid potential problems with speed of the computer network. The locally acquired data are moved after acquisition to the facility data server. The data server storage is mounted onto the microscope computers as network drives. The duration of data storage on the server is individually arranged with the users.

The capacity of our data server is 37 TB and storage space for projects is individually arranged with the users.

Our facility has an image processing Unix box with fast network access to the data server and a set of personal computers.

We provide image processing support at varying levels of support including full service where we process the images and provide extracted morphometric parameters with statistics. The dynamic data from time-lapse sequences are difficult to handle and we recommend rather special statistical procedure based on ANOVA with hierarchical unbalanced model.

Acquired data are owned by the users and they can give permissions for their specific use by the facility.