Date: 14 - 17 February 2016
Place: The Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, United States
Quantitative Phase Imaging II

Presentation date: 14 February 2016
Title: Holographic microscopy in low coherence 

Author(s): Radim Chmelik, Jiri Petracek, Vera Kollarova, Michala Slaba, CEITEC Brno Univ. of Technology (Czech Republic)
Coherence-controlled holographic microscope (CCHM) makes quantitative phase imaging (QPI) possible with coherent, as well as with incoherent illumination. We have described the imaging process for the whole range of illumination coherence and shown that spatially incoherent light induces optical sectioning in the wide sense due to the coherence gating effect. Thus imposed axial limits of numerical refocusing can be overcome using advanced mode of imaging in CCHM. The effect of low spatial coherence on 3D objects QPI and live cells dry mass density measurement is studied. The theoretical calculations and numerical simulations are supported by experimental data.